Claudia's portrait

I came into my own with photography at the advent of the digital camera. Before, the desire to take pictures was largely eclipsed by film and development costs. Now I am free to shoot as much as creative energies allow.

What fascinates me about digital photography is the mix of art and technology. On the one hand, one has to educate one’s eye, hone one’s artistic view of the subject. In essence, one desires to make a beautiful picture or a picture that tells a story. On the other hand, one has to learn to¬† understand light, handle a highly complex camera as well as sophisticated software in the digital darkroom. It is no small feat to capture with a camera what is seen with the eye, envisioned in the mind or felt in the context of an experience. To perfect this skill is a never-ending endeavor.

The driving force behind my passion is the drive to create memories. Personally, I face a rather unique challenge to have great difficulty to hold on to visual memories. So I recognize the effect of a picture to bring somebody back to a faded moment in time. And the more accurate and beautiful the picture, the more vivid the recollection.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you, and for allowing me to be part of yours.


Claudia is a multi-passionate person. An engineer and mathematician by training, she has always had an affinity for art and music, and her dedication and out-of-the-box thinking has served her well in her previous career as a consulting engineer and industrial sales professional. She spent two decades in the USA before returning to Europe. She is happily married.